Greyhaus Weimaraners

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We are a family with a passion for grey dogs. We are located in Northern Illinois though we regularly travel the country for dog events so you may have seen us out and about.

Weimaraners have been Alyse's "thing" since adopting her first one in 2010. Since then, the love has turned into an obsession and we have grown into a lifestyle devoted to exhibiting our dogs in almost all available venues on almost every weekend. 

In 2015, Future Junior Handler, Holly joined the crew and holds her own as the resident Feral Child. Her love for these dogs and interest in sports has only grown our drive to succeed and produce the next generation of "friendly, fearless, alert and obedient" Weimaraners.

With the support of mentors who have been ethically producing and exhibiting Weims for decades, we have welcomed our first litter. On November 5th, 2022, 8 squiggly, healthy babies came into the world. We are immensely enjoying the journey of raising little dogs from day one and watching our Greyhaus families grow and bond with their new family members.

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2024 Litter

Space Cadets currently competing.


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CH Foxfire's an solus ur aig greyhaus

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