Ad Astra Litter born Feb 1st, 2024

We have planned for versatility and temperament as we did with our Sea Monster litter (2022).

For more information, follow Bougie's page, the Ad Astra litter page,

or email:

All interested parties must complete the Puppy Questionnaire below. At this time we are only screening for potential show or sporting homes.

If you are interested in a sporting dog, please also fill out the Performance Dog Expectations Survey.

If you do not hear back from us within a week, please email to notify us that a questionnaire has been sent and may have been missed.

A phone interview with all adult household members will be scheduled following receipt of the questionnaire.

Important tidbits:

Our puppies go home with detailed contracts outlining all expectations for puppy owners.

They are each raised with Puppy Culture methods and yes, it's even harder than the video makes it seem. Our family essentially pauses all things for 8-10 weeks and our home turns into a puppy haven until all of the puppies have gone home. We welcome visitors once the puppies are old enough and we try to be as active on social media (Facebook, Insta) as possible to keep things transparent and help families get excited about their new additions.

What kind of things do we do?

  • We breed for health, temperament, and versatility. The goal is to create the next generation of Weimaraners whom we would like to live and work alongside. This means that our pairings are selected to create puppies who can succeed in the field and in the show ring, as well as all of the other sports and activities we possibly can. Of course, we also want dogs that are a joy to have in our families - but please know that Weimaraners are historically a breed meant to do a job and we are breeding to meet that standard.
  • Every potential breeding dog has at least completed their AKC Show Championship and relevant health testing. Each parent chosen has also shown aptitude in one or more sports or activities (hunting/field tests, Barn Hunt, scent detection, etc). And each parent has been proven to have a steady, outgoing, and confident temperament.
  • We perform Early Neurologic Stimulation on each puppy, every day from day 3 to day 16.
  • We also do Early Scent Introduction from day 3 until each puppy can interact on their own, and then we just provide supervised interactions with new things every day.
  • Although our puppies live with one small human, we make it a point to invite visitors of all shapes and sizes to ensure that they have had a positive experience with as many different kinds of people as they safely can.
  • Our puppies live with a dog-safe cat for early exposure to their potential feline housemates.
  • Car rides!
  • Our puppies are exposed to dead quail and live pigeons using Perfection Kennels Puppy Introduction methods.
  • Puppy Parties! At 6 weeks old we rent a safe facility and invite all of our dog training friends over to have dinner and to give each puppy individual time for positive introductions to formal training - like interacting with tiny baby agility equipment, leash walking, and basic puppy obedience. This gives us a starting point as we begin to plan which puppy would do best in what environment.
  • Between 7-8 weeks they will have water introductions (indoor, heated pools and a controlled environment).
  • By 8 weeks we perform "third party" Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing where they travel to a completely new environment with a completely new human and that human performs a series of low-stress "tests". A group of people experienced with Weimaraners, and with puppy grading in general, will help give an unbiased assessment of each puppy's response to the "tests" so that we can combine that information with final conformation evaluations to place each puppy.
  • By 8 weeks of age we will be able to take the previous 8 weeks of learning each puppy's personality, their conformation potential, and their Puppy Aptitude Testing, and compare it to each family's needs. We use the questionnaires each family has thoughtfully filled out to place them with the puppy we feel would fit them the most. In the event that we do not have a puppy to suit a family's needs, we will offer the first spot on the next litter's waitlist.
  • Not only are we available for breed questions, but we have the mentorship of those who have dedicated decades of their life to Weimaraners.
  • We provide lifetime guidance and training advice for all of our puppy families.


Deposits are not collected on our litters unless a family has been matched with a puppy and cannot pick them up on the designated go-home dates (for any reason - pre-planned vacations, ability to take time off to acclimate puppy, etc). If we are holding a placed puppy beyond the pickup window, a non-refundable $600 deposit toward the complete cost of the puppy is required. If for any reason pickup is not completed at the agreed-upon time, the deposit will be kept for the care of the puppy until a new placement is made.

  • Each puppy is sold with LIMITED registration unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon.
  • No puppy is sold with full breeding rights.
  • The cost of each puppy is $2,000.

Please find a link to our Puppy Questionnaire below. We require all potential families to fill out this detailed questionnaire as part of our screening process. Our puppies do not make great additions to the average pet owner's home. We respect your privacy and must also ensure that we are choosing the best placements for each puppy we produce.

If you are interested in a Greyhaus Weimaraner for competition sports or conformation, please also review and complete the Performance Dog Expectations Survey.

Interested in a Greyhaus companion?

Puppy Questionnaire

If you are interested in competing in sports and/or conformation with your puppy, please fill out the additional survey attached. These questions are in-depth and may require research. We will happily provide mentorship and support to new exhibitors; these questions just help us to determine the best placement for our versatile dogs based on your goals and expectations.

Performance Dog Expectations

Performance Survey