Updated Feb 2024

We have one male available to the right GUARDIAN home. He would go home with the expectation that he is to be co-owned by us and his new owner with an open line of communication and support. The new owner would house and love him, be responsible for all regular maintenance and pet care. All fees incurred associated with breeding would be paid by the breeder (us). He must be shown to the completion of his AKC Grand Championship and would be expected to be a hunting dog. All other sports or venues are welcome. He must remain intact until his health testing and clearances have been achieved and then made available for multiple collections prior to neutering. Details would be finely outlined in a contract.

This is a lot to expect from an owner. Bender has been exposed to pigeons and started on Birch odor for Scent Work. Already he has finished his AKC Championship with multiple Best of Opposite Sex placements at specialties.

Bender is social with other dogs, loves all humans of every shape and size, and thinks that YOU are the best dog bed around.

**He is not going anywhere unless the exact right family is looking for exactly what he has to offer. His potential is astronomical and he is so loved... but... we can't keep them all or we wouldn't be able to plan for future puppies. Again, Bender is a permanent resident unless the perfect home appears, but the word is out.

Follow along with our competing puppies here:

Five of eight beautiful puppies have made their way into the show ring and accumulated AKC Conformation points by 14 months old!

Another five of eight have hit the fields this Fall as hunting compantions.

Four of eight are loving Barn Hunt.

And all eight have the best families I could hope for.

I am thrilled with their progress. Of course, they're also making waves in their own homes being the best they can be and growing out of their velociraptor phases.

  • Bender (Harbinger) is competing in conformation and training for field work, rally/OB, and agility.
  • Breeze (Siren) is competing in conformation and also training for field work, rally/OB, agility, scent work, and Barn Hunt.
  • Leviathan is competing in conformation and Barn Hunt (Open); he is also training for trailing!
  • Squid is competing in conformation and spent his Fall 2023 in the field chasing birds. He is training for field work still and loving every minute.
  • Lolo (Kelpie) is competing in conformation, dabbling in Barn Hunt, and accompanying her dad on his many multi-mile runs!
  • Tippy (Tiamat) is out in Colorado working hard on being an excellent companion and field dog. She finished puppy Bird Dog School in the Summer of 2023 and hit the fields in the Fall with her dad. She is thriving!
  • Doug (Umibozu) is also loving life as a brewery dog, hiking companion, daycare socialite, and big brother to his new human baby out in Colorado.
  • Gino (Loch Ness) is happily sibling to some human kids and his half-brother from Davor, Grady. He had an attempt at field work this Fall and enjoyed his time out, but he may take another trip to really know what he's there for. Meanwhile, he's diving into his family's pool and being the best family dog anyone could ask for.

Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing

On Jan 9th at 9 weeks and 3 days old, the puppies were put through the Volhard PAT testing and final decisions were made on both performance capabilities and conformation prospects.

While all of the puppies could likely finish their championship, we have selected three "top picks" to go to show homes.

Luckily, three of my "second picks" will also be going to homes open to showing and the two remaining babies will be loving family members.

Each puppy showed an excellent degree of confidence and biddability. I am so pleased with their sweet temperments.

Keep following for updates as they achieve great things and acclimate to their new homes.


Bougie and Ryder welcomed 5 boy strapping boys and 3 squiggly girls on November 5th, 2022.

Scroll for more information on what's expected of this match.

Bougie x Ryder

Of course, we never know what we will get until puppies have been evaluated at 9 weeks of age, but some things to know about this pairing in particular... 

This match was specifically selected for me (Alyse), really. This is our first litter (under the guidance of Amy Fast (Foxfire Weimaraners), Steph Gravdal Meyer (Jewel Weimaraners), and Susanne Purchase (Angenehm Weimaraners)). Greyhaus's foundation litter. While I wanted a healthy, competitive show dog, I don't think a Weim is to standard if they aren't also an enthusiastic and reliable performance dog. I like to do oddball sports (like mushing, weight pull, carting, and flyball) so I wanted the classicversatile Weimaraner that I could take from the conformation ring directly to the field and vis versa.

When Amy brought up her co-owned male, Ryder as an option and I talked to Laurel (Ryder's owner), Bougie and Ryder seemed perfectly matched in beauty and brains to get me to that goal. I met him at Nationals and watched him show, but then Laurel sent me videos of his training sessions and his personality really just outshined all of the other dogs we were looking at. 

Given those goals and the personality types, I wouldn't be surprised if most of the puppies are pretty tenacious and sporty. 

A little about them

Bougie and Ryder:

Both placed FIRST in their classes at the 2022 WCA Futurity and WCA National Specialty (over ~25 other dogs each time)

Both have their AKC Conformation Championships and are working toward Grands

Both are high energy, drivey dogs


Trains in Rally, Flyball, and Field Trials (Pointing)

Competes in Dock Diving, Nose Work, Agility, and Conformation

Won a Best of Breed over a top pro handler for Weims and a Top 10 Weimaraner bitch + 19 other Weims

Enjoys daily hikes, winter mushing (yup, she's a sled dog!), and swimming!

She is SO sweet and happy to be alive - I work in a large veterinary hospital and she walks in like she OWNS the place. At trials or training, she walks around with her tail up, wagging, alert and making eye contact with every single human who might want to pet her. When she's REALLY excited, she YOWLS a big "AWOOWOOOOO!" She is extremely intelligent, learns quickly, and thus makes her own fun very quickly when not challenged (ope!).

All breed-relevant health testing is done and available for review. I can share copies or they should be accessible on the website. She is not a carrier for any currently mapped genetic conditions in dogs. PennHIP <0.33 DI (which is lower than breed average and means good things!) and she is clear of all congenital ocular and cardiac abnormalities.


Trains in Agility and Tracking

Competes in Barn Hunt and Conformation

Enjoys daily runs and attention from his mom (he is a boy, after all). 

Ryder is happy to be in any situation and very willing to learn whatever you want to teach him. He gets so excited that he will chirp and whine while he's waiting for his turn. Once he's working, he is AMAZING to watch. His mom describes him as a "bad boy", but we know he's actually the goodest boy full of brains and happiness.

Ryder is a carrier for HUU and HYM, but since Bougie is clear, this is not a concern. All other health testing is clear!

The puppies will be raised using Puppy Culture which you can read more about through the links!

Puppies will be evaluated by myself, 2-3 third-party individuals, Amy, and Steph on January 9th to decide which puppy will thrive in which home. At that point, interested parties will be contacted with recommendations on placement. The Volhard method will be used to evaluate temperament and final conformation evaluations will be completed as well.

If you're interested in following along with the litter, keep checking back or join our group if you're on Facebook!