Pet Portraits

To capture memories of your pets...

Sessions are booked individually. We will discuss your ideal location, the goal of the images, and the best timing based on the season. Currently, most sessions will be booked outdoors as an in-home studio is not conducive to most dog's comfort levels.

A typical session would look like 45-60 minutes in a chosen location which includes 5 edited, digital images. I will edit all images from the session and share a gallery link to your email. You will choose your 5 favorite images by clicking on the heart and adding it to your Favorites. I will share the download pin for those 5 digital images. Any additional favorite images will be available for purchase at the time the gallery is shared. If you are looking for printed products, you are welcome to use our third party lab and order through your gallery selection OR take your full resolution digital downloads with print release to any other professional printer.

Typically, the cost of a simple session with 1-2 pets is $250. A larger family will require additional time during the session and will result in an increased session fee.

If you are looking specifically for professional images of your dog for ads or publication, expect a session fee of $250 but varying session times depending on the pet's cooperation. Our goal would be to get the exact angle you're looking for.

Email for any additional questions or for additional portfolio work.